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Book Description Author: Julie L. Mohr (ISBN 978-0974080888) Sexual assault is an all too common occurrence in society. In this book, I provide insight into the mind and wavering emotions of the victim. As a victim of sexual assault, I feel compelled to share the voice of victims in a very personal way. I began writing poetry in the third grade. I was eight when I took pencil to paper and wrote my first poem. For decades, I wrote poetry with an electric typewriter and carefully placed each poem in a three-ringed binder. The earliest poems never even had a title, only a number. I rarely ever shared my poetry with anyone. It was the secret chronicle of my life. For many years after my assault, I struggled with the feeling of being damaged goods or less than whole. A significant part of who I am was taken from me in my formidable years. As a victim, I used my poetry as a mechanism to voice my feelings. The poems deal with the all too common feelings of victims including low self-esteem, fear, worthlessness, anger, revenge, and even death. Poetry was a way to deal with the feelings I had that I was pressured not to share publicly. Now nearly five decades later, I feel compelled to put the compilation in print. This book represents a lifetime of poetry and my very personal journey to deal with and recover from sexual assault. It includes a letter I sent to my attacker where I was able to find forgiveness as part of my recovery. If this book does anything, it provides insight into the damage that is caused and the prolonged effect of that damage. We must begin the process of healing and help victims to get the support they need to live productive lives. Price: $44.99 Available on Amazon in Print

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Name Damaged Goods: A Journey to Heal and Combat Sexual Assault Date 09 Thu 2018 Categories Books Author Julie L. Mohr
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