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Book Description Author: Julie L. Mohr (ISBN 0-9740808-0-2) Every help desk manager faces support environment challenges that require an in-depth understanding of industry best practices and support enhancement strategies.This book will help you to conduct an audit of your help desk to determine maturity across 17 identified areas of importance in the structure, people, processes, technology and customers. The identification of problems and the development of enhancement projects is part of the help desk manager’s job. Often the daily routine of managing staff, resources and time does not permit the help desk manager with the opportunity to spend unlimited resources to make support environment enhancements. The development of improvement strategies must quickly identify a problem, create a solution and implement within a short timeframe. The goal of the help desk audit is to explore your current support environment and compare that environment to best practices within the support industry. After each comparison or audit, you will read about ideas on how to align your support organization with best practices and improve overall services to your customers. This workbook has a series of audits that you will perform. Each audit requires you to answer a series of questions and then score yourself based upon your answers. From your score, you will have a maturity rating. Each maturity rating has suggestions that you should implement in order to achieve a higher maturity rating. This process of auditing your help desk will be effective only if you answer every question with complete and honest disclosure. Each audit will require about 15 minutes to complete. Following the step-by-step improvement strategy, you can develop a plan and implement that plan quickly. Table of Contents The Help Desk Audit Process Block 1: Help Desk Foundation Help Desk Mission/Vision Help Desk Structure Products and Services Provided Block 2: People Help Desk Staff Performance Metrics Training & Staff Development Block 3: Process Call Handling Incident Management Incident Escalation Block 4: Tools Tools & Technologies eSupport & Knowledge Management Enhancements Block 5: Customer Management Service Level Management Customer Satisfaction Measurement Customer Communication Process Overall Help Desk Maturity Rating Price: $59.99 Available on Amazon in Print Available on Amazon Kindle Available on LuLu

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Name The Help Desk Audit: Blueprint for Success Date 05 Mon 2015 Categories Books Author Julie L. Mohr
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