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Book Description Author: Julie L. Mohr (ISBN 978-0974080857) Believe it or not! A parent-child relationship has nothing to do with Freud, a jump and run has nothing to do with COPS, a hot swap has nothing to do with reality TV and a hub is not a member of your family. Take it from this guru, common ordinary words mean something completely different to us techies. The Help Desk Dictionary has captured nearly 1000 eclectic terms from the technical to generally accepted slang. If it has something to do with help desks, we define it and re-define it in The Help Desk Dictionary. The Help Desk Dictionary is an indispensable resource for help desk managers, technical analysts and IT managers who need a definitive source of industry service and support terms. The book defines key metrics, support models, certifications, industry organizations, service management methodologies, and technical terms from the desktop through the network all the way out to the WWW. Standardize the IT lingo in your organization with this addition to your information technology library! Price: $39.99 Available on Amazon in Print

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Name The Help Desk Dictionary Date 05 Mon 2015 Categories Books Author Julie L. Mohr
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